2 comments on “Why Americans Don’t Make Good NBL Players.

  1. Awful article-you clearly have no basketball knowledge and either don’t watch enough nba basketball or don’t know what you’re looking at..american players in Australia don’t do well because they’re washed up or they suck or they wouldn’t come to Australia to play-josh Childress is an awful, woeful former NBA player and he leads the NBL scoring and is 3rd in…assists so he can set up his teammates..so our bad outcast is still your best player in the league..now Deleon? He sucks, he spent two years in juco trying to get a scholarship to any university that’d take him, and finally became an average player at a bad university..there’s thousands of better american basketball players who don’t even play anymore and just work regular day jobs because they couldn’t cut it in the NBA but weren’t willing to move across the country..tell me Lebron is selfish? Chris Paul? Seth curry? American players aren’t selfish-they have ridiculous court vision and they shoot if they’re good enough to make almost half of their shots..otherwise there’d be heaps of other guys to take that spot

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