3 comments on “My Review Of Essendon’s Review

  1. Although you say the players should have questioned the supplement program, there are reports saying that players were given documents from Essendon fitness staff stating that all injections were legal under WADA regulations. If this is the case, and I hope it is, I believe they should be absolved of all responsibility. It’s one thing to question medical staff, but signing and trusting a document prepared by your own football club is enough to let them off the hook in my book. If you cannot trust your own club, and get fried for doing so… then every player in the league is going to have to employ a personal doctor/lawyer/mad scientist.

    • So every other person in the world who signs a contract has to research what’s in it… but not football players? Honestly, how long does it take to look up whether or not a drug is banned?

      There’s a fine line between trust and ignorance… and ignorance is not an excuse. If you don’t have time to Google the names of the drugs you’re being injected with (and these guys have the time) then you deserve the punishment you get.

      And link me the article. I’m interested in reading it.

      • With you on that Kayla. The modern player has the internet at their fingertips to search out and learn if the ‘substances’ (AFL approved code word) are legal or not. Not hard to work it out.

        Whatever was injected/taken, the individual has the responsibility to check and know the content. Huge club (and even AFLPA) issue if they were not told to do that.

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