About Me

I hate writing “about me”s.  So here is some information about me… in FAQ form (seriously, I get the questions all the time).

What’s your name?
It’s Kayla. Nice to meet you.

Would you like a job as a sports writer?
Thank you, but no – my goal isn’t to be a sports writer.  If it was, I would write more seriously.

Is that why you write so sassily?
Sort of… I write with attitude because you can get news anywhere.  Do you know what you can only get here? ME.

If you don’t want to be a sports writer… What do you want to do?
I want to be the CEO of the AFL.  I started this blog while waiting on my Australian visa (which has been approved! Yay!) in hopes of blogging my way out of an entry level position when it comes time to apply for sports jobs – or, at the very least, prove to potential employers that I know what I’m talking about.

Seriously? CEO of the AFL?  What do you even know about the AFL?
Honestly?  Nearly everything (at least about the business side – I’m still learning about the players, coaches and greats). I like to read and research.  How am I supposed to become Andrew Demetriou if I don’t know everything about the AFL?

If you’re not working in sport, what do you do?
I am a full-time student.  I study Library and Information Science by correspondence to San Jose State University.  I have my BA in Economics from Smith College.  I also work part-time while doing various volunteer projects (typically sport related), working on my blog, writing, reading, researching… and generally preparing myself for when it’s time for me to work in sport.

Why are you studying libraries if you want to work in sport?
Another good question.  I got a scholarship to complete the program so I took it (I also love libraries, organisational systems, and education) but one semester in I realised, “Uhhhhh…. No.  This isn’t what I want to do forever.  I want to work in sport.”  Yes, it took me a while to figure it out, but I’m now making up for lost time with this blog and lots of volunteering.

Why are you in Australia?
I studied abroad here in 2009 and I met a boy (as you do).  He’s lovely 🙂

You’re American – how do you even know about AFL?  And why not rugby?
Now that’s a good story.  The first week that I was in Australia some friends and I were having a few drinks and met a group of about 15 guys (is this story making me sound bad?).  It just so happens that most of them played for the Sydney Uni AFL team.  They invited us to a game, we went… and I fell in love.  AFL is so much fun – madness, but fun.  We ended up being friends with those guys.  If we would have met a rugby team that night, I might be a rugby fan… but we didn’t.

And I do like rugby – I actually like rugby quite a bit.  I just prefer AFL.  And as it happens, my boyfriend prefers AFL, too.   That’s just how it worked out.

Where can we connect?
In lots of places.  (FYI: I don’t update my personal blog all that often…)

Resume | Twitter | Personal Blog | LinkedIn

Anything else you need? Just want to harass me in private? Then email me at kaylaramiscal@yahoo.com

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