Dear Future Employer

Dear Future Employer,

I know that it’s hard for you to know if you want to hire me.  After all, you don’t know anything about me and I’m sure you have about 800 CVs to read.

So to help you make your decision, and to prove to you that I’m the right person for the job, I’ve created this page.

Find the topic most closely related to the position below and read the relevant posts.   Know that I will update this regularly as I post more and more.

Also remember that while I do share ideas, I have many, MANY more.  For every idea I post, I have about three more that are waiting to be written about.  Don’t think that what I’ve posted is all I have to offer – because it’s nowhere close.



Your Future Employee


A LOT of my content is Economics-related/based so I’ve only included posts that are solely about Economics.

The English Prefer Foreign Talent – What About Aussies? Parts One and Two
Why You Can’t Pay Players Based On Performance
Like it or Not, The AFL Must Have Free Agency
The NBL’s Genius (And Naughty) Player Points System
My Insignificant (But Still Kinda Cool) AFL Birthday Research

General Management
How Ari Gold made Me The Best Future-CEO Ever
Why Did The AFL Expand?
Get Rid Of The NAB Cup – Replace it With This
What The US Can learn From Aussie Sports (and vice-versa)
How I Think The AFL Fixture Should Work & my sample

Football Operations
Characteristics of Starters v Non-Starters In The AFL
Is Israel Folau Worth $6 Million? Parts One and Two
Money Isn’t Everything – But It’s Something (Part One: Salary Cap, Part Two: Case Study, Part Three: Recruiting)

Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships
My New Favourite Brand
Another Epic Partnership Idea: Daily Deals Sights
Aussie Sports & Cotton On: A Perfect Match

Membership, Ticket, Fan Development
How I Would Sell More Memberships
I Am Going To Fix The Blue Sox Attendance Problem

Things All Teams Should Sell & Things They Should Stop Selling

Events & Hospitality
Can The ABL Recreate the Fan Cave? YES.
Why I Was Wrong About Knowing Your Audience
The Game May Be Good… But The Rest Is Boring

Marketing & Communications
Sydney Athletes Need To Get On Twitter
Fans Twitter Handles on Players’ Jerseys? There’s a Better Option
Stop “Targeting” Women
The NBL Goes Digital And What I’d Do Differently
I Know Nothing About The Sydney Kings – And it’s Not My Fault

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