If I Were CEO

About a year and a half ago, I was watching Entourage and there is a scene where football GMs and owners come into Ari Gold’s agency.  Lizzie, a twenty-something agent, approaches Ari and asks to be in the meeting.  She starts listing reasons why she should be included and Ari stops her and says, “You are now the Commissioner of the NFL. What’s your first order of business?”

Lizzie gives a great answer (she eliminates 2 preseason games, changes the fixture and explains why it’s better in about 8 seconds) and gets into the meeting.  Not only that, but she kills it in there and ends up spearheading the deal.  I was beyond impressed – and my jealousy was literally off the charts.

Which made me think… if someone asked me, “You’re the AFL CEO.  What’s your first order of business?” what would I say?

Well, what I would say is, “I would eliminate the NAB Cup and replace it with something fans enjoy; I would switch to a three-division fixture for a 23 round season; and I would focus on improving the game day experience through partnering with venues and hosting member functions which would allow teams to deepen fan connections and result in increased revenue.”

But of course, there’s more to it than that.  And whenever I post something that shows you what I would do if I were the AFL’s CEO, I’ll link it here.  That way, you can see all my brilliant ideas in one place.  You lucky duck.

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